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Give Thanks! All at ONE Table

Can your family all fit at one dining table? Do you have memories of being in that awkward teen phase where you didn’t want to hang with the little cousins anymore but then you got stuck at the kid table at Thanksgiving? Or possibly you’re now the frazzled parent trying to feed the toddler from the other table which requires getting up no less than 32 times.

Eliminate the “kid table” phenomenon by taking advantage of the many new options for tables with leaves.

Now these are not your grandma’s table that required you to go find the leaf under the coach or in the back of the closet. These tables have several options such as self-storing or butterfly leaves. Instead of a separate piece, the leaves run on tracks and either nestle under one another, or fold in half to nestle under the main body.

Toluca table with self-storing leaves by A America {source}

Butterfly leaf

Many of these tables also come in sets with a ton of chairs so you don’t have guests getting stuck in folding chairs.

Toluca 13 Piece Set with Slat Back Chairs by A America {source}

Now that you can fit all the cousins around the table, check out our Thanksgiving table setting ideas on Pinterest. Happy Thanksgiving!


Fix Your Wobbling Furniture Easy

Over time furniture including kitchen and dining tables and especially chairs will start to “rack” or wobble. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have inferior furniture, it likely means that you just need to tighten the legs. Either an Allen-wrench or screw driver will be the only tool needed for that loose furniture. Take care not to over-tighten, just make sure the screws/bolts are all snug.